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I would highly recommend it!

I would highly recommend it!

Me and Face really enjoyed attending Alfakan puppy class in Koper. I think it is important for a puppy to attend group class to be able to concentrate and respond in a new environment and feel comfortable around other dogs. At the same I found that Veronika’s approach was very personal, she was giving individual advice taking into the account the personality of each dog and owner 😊
It was quite a journey, with ups and downs, a lot of homework, and I am very proud of how much Face progressed during this time: in the first class she was stressed and could not concentrate on me at all, and in the end she was capable of walking on a leash calmly on a busy street.
In the end, this class is just as much for puppies as for owners, because it is only a starting point to continue training your dog. And it is important to build up your knowledge and confidence, and get professional support and advice on how to deal with problems. I would highly recommend it!



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